Study With Us

We welcome the opportunity to consider your application. If you are interested in studying in our laboratory, please email Jose M. Bruno (jbbarcen(at) with an outline of your interest of research. Include your CV.

The Microbiology Program at NCSU has long been an extraordinary place to do cutting-edge biotechnology research.

Prospective Graduate Students

All of our graduate students Citizens and Internationals MUST be admitted to NCSU graduate studies. Please submit an application via  NCSU Graduate School an select the Microbiology graduate program:

Microbiology Graduate Programs

Although the program provides support for some selected candidates, all graduate students in the lab are highly encouraged to apply for independent funding from different institutes and foundations. Some fellowships and grants held by current lab members and recent alumni include:

 Opportunities for students that hold United States citizenship, national, or permanent resident include;

Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)

The office of Science Graduate Fellowship Program

CALS Graduate Research Assistantship —Applications from under represented minority students are encouraged. Students can not apply directly but we will be happy to work with you through the application process.

 There are also great opportunities for Non-U.S. scholars please check our International Office website and some examples;

The Fulbright Scholarship, offered by the US Department of State through the American Embassy of most countries, is an excellent option to explore.


Additionally each country may offer alternatives

Science without Borders (

Please visit any of the links above to obtain information about admissions. If you apply and are selected for a visit to NCSU, please let us know if you are interested in our lab.


If you would like to get a head start on your research experience, here are a few ways to join our lab:

   NCSU Students may work towards credit hours MB 493  Special Problems in Microbiology 

   NCSU Honor Students may work towards credit through the ALS 498H HONORS RESEARCH OR TEACHING I

We regret that we are unable to accept undergraduate or graduate students who do not apply through NCSU or another partner program.