Dr. José M. Bruno-Bárcena


Industrial Microbiology and Bioprocessing 

Research Interests

Industrial Microbiology of high-value products including Microbial Communities, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Enzymes, Chemicals, and Biofuels

There is a critical need for the systematic identification and testing of dynamic community behavior as well as gene modulated states participating in the enhancement of cellular stress resistance of cultures. In our laboratory we use the new era of bioprocessing and genomic tools that make it possible control physiological states and to identify point mutations, insertions, deletions and/or translocations that have occurred in offspring strains following defined selection processes. In the near future, this comparative physiological/genetic approach will provide valuable insights for identifying gene combinations and new biochemical pathways, both playing a role in community microbial cross-feeding metabolism. This information may be applied to further improve microbial production or to understand dysbiosis by using strategic strain combinations and/or strain modifications. Our primary research interests are the genetic and physiological study of Gram positive organisms while investigating different but complementary areas with a focus on functional probiosis and bioenergy. Thus far our bioprocessing research has generated technology, peer-reviewed publications, and intellectual property to be directly implemented and translated into the generation of biofuels and functional foods. We have dedicated significant amounts of time towards implementing these new overlapping bioprocessing research areas that target prime university interests.